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The Yonwaba Pupuma Scholarship


Who was Yonwaba?


Yonwaba Pupuma was a South African native that saw a life-changing opportunity in the sport of tennis. Yonwaba came to the United States on a tennis scholarship to Stillman College.

Yon, as many called him, was a caring and loving teammate but most importantly a great leader on and off the tennis court. As a team, Stillman College won a conference championship in 2014. As doubles partners, Yon and Fernando, were honored with the Doubles All-Conference Award in 2015.

Yon was taken from us on Christmas Eve of 2018.


What does the Scholarship mean?


The Yonwaba Pupuma Scholarship is a long-term commitment to help you succeed at life. Prioritization of education, enjoyment of life, focus on the tennis court, and development as an indivudual are the pillars that characterize the Yonwaba Scholarship.

When facing tough situations, Vega Sports Academy will help you navigate the obstacles of life. We offer a positive structured environment ensuring children are supported academically, athletically and emotionally.


We help children choose success! 

What does the Scholarship offer?


  • On and Off The Court Mentoring

  • Financial Support for Training & Equipment 

  • Leadership Development

Who Should Apply?

  • At-Risk Youth

  • Those Experiencing Financial Hardship

  • Youth Who Want to Improve and Take Their Play to The Next Level.

4 Scholarships Available

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